Highland Park

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    The Highland Park Malt Whisky 12 Year Old has a heather-honey sweetness to it and a silky taste that leaves a warming feeling. Its glowing amber colour reflects its honey essence and smoky sweetness that makes this full malt an all-rounded whisky.

  • Since its release in 1997, the Highland Park Malt Whisky 18 Year Old has been an exceptional hit with both whisky critics and enthusiasts across the globe. Balanced to perfection, this single malt has a toffee sweetness aroma and its smoky finish leaves a feeling of warmness.

    A great example of whisky at its finest, the Highland Park Malt Whisky 18 Years Old was named “the Best Spirit in the World” in 2005 by US spirits writer F. Paul Pacult in the June issue (Volume 26, Issue 2) of the Spirit Journal.

  • The Highland Park Malt Whisky 21 Year Old is rated as one of the best example of whiskies from the famous distillery. Released in 2007, the whisky was named Best Single Malt of the Year at the World Whisky Awards 2009.

    This full-flavoured, sweet single malt hits the nose with a hint of balsamic and toffee, and its exotic spicy, smoky finish leaves a feeling of satisfying warmth.

  • Contained in a classic bottle and protected in a stylish wooden box, Highland Park Malt Whisky 30 Year Old is a must for any collector. Released in April 2005, this edition pays tribute to the distillery’s character and celebrates the unique feel of the brand.

    Matured for 30-years, it brings together a complex aromatic fudge sweetness and spice that tingles the nose and palate. The finish has a smoky flavour and mildly salty kick, all slowly created during the Orkney sea spray aging process.

  • Held in an almost bell-shaped bottle, the Highland Park Malt Whisky 40 Year Old is a great example of traditional whisky making. The famous distillery stays true to perfecting the process and adding all its expertise to maturing the whisky just right.

    This perfection is achieved by hand-turning the malt, cutting peat by hand, maturing the whisky in custom-made sherry butts, nurturing it a precise climate and bringing it all together in casks. Dedication to doing things the right way has gained Highland Park the status of Distiller of the Year 2007, a status that the 40 year old addition aspires to respect and maintain.

  • FIRE EDITION represents one half of a special two-part bottling, celebrating the great sagas of the Viking age recorded in the oldest Norse poems, the Poetic Edda.