Dominican republic

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  • Brugal 1888 is the exquisite result of wood mastery and double aging. This dark amber clean coloured rum spends up to eight years in American oak bourbon casks and then goes through a second period of aging in European oak first-fill Spanish sherry casks for a further six years.

    With a dedication to excellent rum making, Brugal 1988 releases a spicy fragrance with hints of roasted coffee, cinnamon, dried fruits and chocolate. On the palate, it is smooth and full-bodied, with lingering flavours of toffee caramel, wood and liquorice.

  • 17,99

    The Brugal Anejo Superior is matured for up to five years in specially selected ex-bourbon American oak casks and undergoes a distillation process that eliminates many heavy alcohols that other rums contain.

    The end result is a bright amber rum with hints of wood and subtle chocolate aromas, and a buttery caramel flavour that seduces the palate.

  • 39,89

    When Ron Brugal launched Brugal Extra Viejo in 1976, he developed a new class of premium Dominican Rums. Brugal Extra Viejo is the perfection of Dominican Rums. Aged for up to eight years in handpicked American oak casks, this rum is a fusion of aromatic notes such as dried fruits, wood, cocoa, almonds, vanilla, caramel, orange peel, and molasses.

    With elegant hints of warm sweetness, spiciness and cocoa that satisfy the most discerning palate, it’s no surprise that Brugal Extra Viejo is considered the best aged rum worldwide.

  • 132,60

    Brugal Siglo De Oro is a celebration of Brugal’s 100th anniversary. This work of art is crafted from a selection of the finest rums, which are then aged in American White oak barrels for up to eight years.

    The rum is then matured a second time for further eight more years. Smooth, with almost a syrupy consistency, Brugal Siglo De Oro has a lingering wood and dried fruit aroma, and a sweet, smoky flavour.